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Learn German (Intermediate)

₹ 5000

Teaching Faculty

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Mrs. Sanhita Vyas

Short Description 

Learning a new language improves the memory of a learner. It helps children in problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. It enhances concentration, enables children to multitask, and improves listening skills. These courses are designed in such a way that children will learn a new language in a good and playful environment.

Type of Course

2 credits of 12 hours    

12 hours

Medium of Instruction
English/ German

Online through E-Lingua Hub Learning Portal

Topics Covered:

  • Quick review of essential grammar and vocabulary
  • Advanced Grammar Concepts
  • Advanced vocabulary
  • Idiomatic expressions and colloquial phrases
  • Cultural Exploration
  • formal communication, emails, and business etiquette
  • Advanced Conversation Skills
  • Creative Writing

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