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E-Lingua Hub is an e-learning platform for learning Sanskrit, German and other Indian/Foreign languages. With E-Lingua Hub membership, you can learn using high quality and highly engaging online video tutorials, one to one Skype-based classes and live and interactive group sessions. Along with language classes and video tutorials, E-Lingua Hub also has a bunch of courses for Students.
Our mission is to take education to society tunnelled through technology. We also strive to make education portable, convenient and equip it with the latest technology. We wish to make education student centric and mould them to be more independent.

What is E-Lingua Hub ?

The key points which define us are: • Love to explore online? We have discussion boards as Clubs for different Languages, where each of you can share and help others grow, in the process developing yourself. • Enjoy playing games/puzzles? We offer you a range of quizzes on several of topics where you can test your understanding and have fun simultaneously. • You don't know where to find a perfect tutor for your learning needs? Check the Live Class program where you can get a personal tutor who can help you learn online at a time suitable to you with a tailor-made curriculum that suits your learning needs. We even have group courses where you can interact and learn together with a bunch of other students.

Why E-Lingua Hub?

E-Lingua Hub presents various learning methods suitable for different needs. Video tutorials at E-Lingua Hub enable you to learn at your own pace. They are convenient to use, easy to access and portable learning material. Students take responsibility for their own learning and it helps build their self-knowledge and self-confidence. Through the Live Class program, participants can learn from expert tutors in an interactive way from the comfort of your home! While talking more about the recorded video courses at E-Lingua Hub - the internet is a plethora of knowledge and we optimally utilize these huge world-wide resources of the web for empowering students. It is a mix of media and a range of interactive tasks that help the students to better understand and remember what they have learnt. Knowledge acquisition becomes simpler – you just rewind to make sense of difficult concepts. And we offer all of these services to you at a much lower cost. So pay less, share more and grow faster!